Why is so important to work on learning analytics? (if you care about higher education…)

A carefully reading of the documentation provided by the course drivers gives you a set of reasons about why is important to make learning analytics.

May be a single phrase could resume the main idea:

“the economy, stupid”

Do you remember? it was the 2nd point in a famous banner in the Little Rock campaign Headquarters during Clintons’s race to the White House in 1992. It’s the economy again: the e-learning has become so complex and resources-consuming that it is neccesary to be very rational about how to proceed: you have to apply your limited resources where most needed and you need to be very effective doing this.

The cost of education has increased a lot during last years. It is very important not to waste your money and your time and, specially, the student’s money and time.

In the European context, Public Education is a concept related to the welfare state. But in United Kingdom,  the cost of higher education has increased far away this concept. This shows a possible future for all other countries like mine, Spain.

In the U.S, the situation is not very different:

In addition to good targets and goals precise formulation, It is necessary to apply accurate surgery to do the needed intervention. For example,

  • to alert the teacher staff when it is important or critical to support a student by providing coaching or
  • to provide exact information about the effectiveness of one methodology used in a specific situation with real students.

How to be so precise? How to know how, when, where and to whom it is necessary to attend?

Learning Analytics could shed light on this.

L.A. could dig up the data you need to take strategic decisions. To show up relations between variables, to point weakness and strengths. In a word: to know yourself.

I like this quotation “Online earning without embedded analytics is like a car without wheels”…”embedded analytics turns online learning into an engine for both scaling access and improving retention, persistence and completion”.


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